Take a look at the following list. Why do you think these blogs were the most viewed? Which topic resonated most with you? In true New Year’s Eve style, we are counting down to the #1 blog of the year…

10. Avoiding Burnout as a Leader Where do you go when you are reaching your limit?  What happens when you ignore your margins? Every single leader on the planet needs a refresher now and then. 

9. Christian Coaching Essentials RELEASE This post being in the Top Ten demonstrates your commitment to strengthening your ability to empower leaders! This is the only research-based Christian coaching process available today. The result is a comprehensive coaching process that is spiritually-anchored in Christ so that you can cultivate leaders in your ministry.

8. Reconnecting with God We love that this post made the Top Ten! You are pulling up your sleeves and eager to nurture your spiritual growth and help others be all that God has created them to be. After taking a break, it is important to meet people where they are and help them reconnect with God.

7. Lent Week Four: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus We were pleasantly surprised by the Lenten series. You showed a heightened interest in revisiting the season of spiritual preparation approaching the Passion of Christ. Be on the lookout for another version of the series in 2024.

6. Coaching on Succession Planning Every leader is in a state of transition. However, when a leader is moving from one position to a new position, there are three phases that we addressed in this blog that caught your eye. We will look at succession again in 2024.  

5. Workplace Culture and Respect There is a gap in communication styles and even values between generations. That isn’t necessarily bad, but it is something to be aware of and be intentional about as you adapt your leadership style to the leaders you are cultivating.

4.5 Habits to Make Disciples We’ve been honing in on these habits that were fundamental to Jesus’ ministry. It’s exciting to see you resonating with these! Look for more on the 5 Habits in 2024.

3. Slow Your Role! When You Launch Small Groups Matters Small groups are one of the most influential contributors to church health. It is no surprise that the topic attracted so much attention this year. Whether you call your small groups missional communities, Community Groups, Life Groups – look for more insights in 2024.

2. 5 Challenges Every House Church Faces Every single post in this series on qualities of churches of various sizes were near the top of your favorites. We hear you! Look for more IF posts that offer insight and tips into understanding the unique challenges in these specific contexts in 2024. 

1. Reconstructing Discipleship So much has been discussed, written, and forecasted about the deconstruction of discipleship. This raises the question – what is discipleship?  We will bring you more on the challenge of making disciples, who make disciples, in 2024.

Your Voice Matters

We hope this post has helped you see our commitment to you and to creating content that is important to you. As you can see, identifying the top ten blogs of the year has been a strategic part of our planning for 2024. We invite you to speak into this further and invite you to take a few moments and complete this SHORT SURVEY. Please let us know how we can come alongside you to help you grow as a coach, build your coaching business, and work with specific context and clients. 

This post was originally posted and adapted from Christian Coaching Tools

Photo by Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash


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