It’s a full season of life for so many of us. Between work, vacations and frequent social gatherings, it’s common to feel less connected to God when our schedules are full. However, once life slows down and you find yourself back in your usual routines, it is easier to discover your spiritual rhythm as well. The more grace we can offer ourselves, the more we may find greater peace and joy when we come to the Lord.

How do you help your community reconnect to God?

3 Spaces help your people reboot their connection with God

  1. Personal – time alone with God
  2. Group – time together in a group
  3. Crowd – one of many

Are all three spaces necessary all the time?

Not necessarily. In fact, there are seasons when you might do well to hit on one of these while the other two are non-existent. In the best of times, however, people need at least two of the three and in the worst of times – all three.  

Rebooting the Church’s Corporate Spirituality

You are constantly thinking of ways to support and cultivate the spiritual growth within your congregation. Here are three ways to nurture the corporate gathering.

  • Engaging sermons that transform.
  • Inspiring worship that fosters connection with a loving Father.
  • Powerful prayer to seek the Spirit’s guidance, receive forgiveness and healing.

Rebooting Small Groups for Spiritual growth & nurture

If you drew a continuum for small group models – with a Bible Study on one end and on the other end a fellowship group – you would find that most all groups have some aspect of the following Love-Learn-Decide-Do.  

  • Love – grow in love for God and your neighbor through the Holy Spirit
  • Learn – grow in your ability to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Decide – grow in your faith by making a commitment to apply what you learn
  • Do – grow in your obedience  

Rebooting Your Personal Relationship with God

An individual’s relationship with God is the cornerstone of their spirituality. Without this, a person is simply going through the motions, likely with a feeling of obligation and guilt but without the love and trust that comes from a deep connection. There are two things you can do to reboot your connection with God: encourage those around you to nurture this connection, and secondly, nurture your own relationship with God. 

Here are four ways to reboot your personal relationship with God:

  • Make time for God
    • You may want to spend meaningful time with God everyday, but this rarely happens naturally. Though it may feel forced at first, most people have to intentionally block out time for their spiritual formation. Whether it is three mornings a week, or thirty minutes before bed every evening… make sure you are setting aside specific time for God. 
  • Make space for God
    • Some people feel closer to God outdoors. Some prefer a quiet room. Some want some gentle music. However you like to spend the time, make sure you have a place where you can focus without distractions. 
  • Make a plan
    • To use this time well, most people prefer to have some sort of guide. It could be a book that directs you to daily readings and provides thought-provoking questions, or a faith based Bible reading app (Bible in One Year, You BIble, to name a few).
  • Make a friend
    • Find a person who is on the same journey as you (either in the same place or a step ahead). This can help you stay accountable and offers you both a confidante to share the joys and hardships of life and faith. 

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Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash


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