Clarify vision, build teams and determine the best path forward.

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How will you navigate change?

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What is the purpose of consulting?
Navigating deep change requires clarity of vision, careful consideration of change dynamics and wisdom. InFocus provides the space for you and your team to explore future possibilities.

Some areas where a consultation makes sense:

  • Envisioning a multiplication movement
  • Organizational development
  • Staffing
  • Team-building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem solving
  • System development

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How does consulting differ from coaching?


Directional clarity is provided when the path is unclear, resources hidden and problems seemingly unsolvable.

  • Gary Reinecke provides thorough diagnostics and onsite involvement to initiate the change process.
  • In a coaching relationship the leader is the expert.


Tried and field-tested principles and resources are recommended.

  • Gary Reinecke provides written and oral reports to engage the leadership of your church or organization in the change process.
  • In a coaching context the leader is the focus not the consultant.


On-site involvement from observation to workshops are part of the consultation process until the desired results are achieved.

  • Gary Reinecke guides your team to manage change dynamics and implement steps to reach your vision.
  • In a coaching process the leader is the implementor.
What is the advantage of having a consultation?
The benefits are the unique skills required for the job, in addition to being an outside, neutral third party.
What is the end product?
  1. Break through challenges that hold people, teams and organizations back from moving forward and fulfilling their vision.
  2. New paradigms of doing ministry that propel the team or organization into the next season.
  3. Kingdom partnerships develop with like-minded leaders from other organizations moving in a similar direction.
How does a consultation work?

Negotiating the contract.

The preparation that goes into the consultation in this stage pay off later when things get challenging. I begin the conversation and ask a lot of questions to clarify what the client is looking for in a consultant. Once we agree, then I propose a working arrangement to determine the best course forward.

Diagnose the problem.

I believe that when you thoroughly define a problem you have 80% of the solution. Once the problem is know, defined and diagnose then the next step is to articulate the preferred future.

Planning the way for the new paradigm.

I’ve had experience taking an international team trough the diganosing and planning process. When you have clarity of the problem the plan naturally flows.

Implementation for change.

Many times teams get bogged down right here. They somethimes have the beginnings of a plan but for one reason or another they stll-out. Fear, lack of commitment, the wrong people are common prblems that get in the way at this stage but with regular accountability the plan has a much greater chance of succeeding.

Review the process.

This is overlooked many times but the real learning occurs here when we take a look back, assess the process and celebrate the progress. I like the way God uses certain seasons in the life of a team to see things from a different perspective and the role I often play to help them make that shift.