We asked this question a few years ago: What are the essential habits to be a disciple that makes disciples? 

From our understanding of Jesus’ ministry, observations from others who make reproducing disciples, and studying disciple making movements – these are the habits we landed on in response to that question:

  • Habit #1 – Missional Values – knowing and understanding your personal values and living them out through consistent behavior
  • Habit #2 – ACTIVE PRAYER – utilizing prayer as a critical key element in the disciple-making journey
  • Habit #3 – RELATIONAL CONNECTIONS – building strong and authentic relationships with both Christians and non-Christians in your community
  • Habit #4 – DISCIPLE MAKING CYCLE – creating intentional and enduring disciples who, in turn, create intentional and enduring disciples
  • Habit #5 – STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS – forging strategic partnerships to keep you on mission in your disciple-making journey

The Discipleship Collective is a learning community to support, nurture and coach disciples to make disciples makers.

Sharpen Your Discipleship Effectiveness

Finish 2023 strong with a commitment to sharpen your discipleship effectiveness. 

The first step is to identify your strengths and areas for development – there is no better tool for that than the Discipleship Quiz. Included in your report is a coaching guide with suggestions for the best resources to help you target growth in the identified areas. This assessment is truly the tool to take your disciple making to the next level.

“Gary Reinecke and the team from InFocus have created a crucial resource for leaders and churches who are serious about being with Jesus on His Mission. I highly recommend the Disciple Coach Quiz as a tool for shaping the future of your disciple making efforts. The five qualities it measures and the behavior it supports provide a solid foundation for helping people authentically follow Jesus.”

Steve Pike – President, Urban Islands Project

Harness the power of disciple making using a coach approach by enrolling in the Discipleship Collective. The Discipleship Collective is structured to maximize your growth and sharpen your effectiveness as a disciple maker. Collectives are limited to no more than 12 participants per session. Each session offers 10 hours of training including:  

  • 5 Habits of a Disciple Maker webinar – Monday, October 16, 2023 from 10-3 PST and 
  • 5 triad sessions – each lasting 55-minutes.


Who do you know that has a vision to make disciples?

Who do you know that is frustrated with their efforts?

Who do you know that lacks the support?

Photo by Unseen Studio on Unsplash


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