4 Compelling Words to Create Movement

4 Compelling Words to Create Movement

For the past two years I’ve had the privilege of coaching Mike McDonald of Grace Anglican Church in Fleming Island, FL. His education and background in civil engineering has served him well prior to moving into ministry. After graduating from Trinity Seminary in Pittsburgh in December of 2007 he took the call to lead Grace Anglican Church on January 1, 2008.

On January 6, 2019 Mike preached on Luke 4:42-44. In the sermon he wove the vision for Grace to move from a season of “survival” into a season of “abundance”. This is what he shared that Sunday.

After praying for the Lord to give me a word or phrase for 2019, I felt like the Lord gave me this phrase: “Abundance for Others”. I think this is significant because we need to change our corporate narrative from “Are we going to make it?” to “What should we do with it?”  Things were really tight for our church in the early years, but we’ve grown quite strong.  I believe the Lord wants us to use this abundance for others.

In Luke 4:42-44, Jesus tells his home town that he must go to other towns as well.  He came to preach the Good News to them also.  The Lord is on mission and we should be too.

Over the past six months, the staff and I have been refining our vision statement to be even clearer and nuanced to us specifically.  We’ve narrowed it down to four words, which are mostly actual (meaning who we already are) but also aspirational (who we want to become).

Extending Grace

Extending means pushing the reach of our ministries out further.

Grace is our message about Good News for sinners.

Discipling Generations

Discipling is intentionally helping faith along in others, per Matthew 28:18-20.

Generations means that our ministry reaches all ages.

The most “aspirational” of the words is the first, extending.  It’s time to reach further than our island.  There are two practical applications here.  The first is that we must start making practical plans to plant some new churches in our rapidly-growing area.  Our diocese is asking for our help in this regard.  The second is that we start to see the Alpha course as the tool we use to share the gospel with those who are not yet here.

Leaders want to know how to move from survival to abundance. Mike has spent considerable time in prayer, reflection, discernment, research, conversations and envisioning the future. The sermon was the culmination of all of the things mentioned above. It marks the beginning of Grace’s church planting journey.

Let me suggest five questions to help you move the dream of extending your reach through church planting from an aspiration, to reality:

  1. Reflect – “Why does our city/region need another church like ours?”
  2. Ask the Lord – “Are we being asked to plant?”
  3. Respond – “If we are not being asked to plant, who is?”
  4. Discern – “How can we participate?”
  5. Act – “What is the next step?”

Develop the Leaders Around You

Develop the Leaders Around You

Over the last 6 weeks we have been reviewing the 6 steps of the leadership development process: LEARN-EMPOWER-ASSESS-DECIDE-EVALUATE-REVIEW. To take the complimentary “6 Steps Effective Leaders Take” Assessment CLICK HERE. In this guide you will find a self-assessment for each of the 6 steps with a planning exercise at the end for you to use with your team

At InFocus we know you want to be an effective leader.

The problem for many is feeling overwhelmed, afraid and doubtful you might not have what it takes to develop the leaders around you. We believe it shouldn’t be a heart-rending struggle to fulfill the Great Commission, especially when God is in it. We understand how challenging and lonely it can feel which is why for over thirty years we’ve been getting in the trenches with pastors, church planters and business leaders to equip them with the tools to be successful.

In response to feedback we’ve received from leaders, InFocus is piloting an Online Course on the Leadership Development process that we have been highlighting the last several weeks. If you missed that series click Develop Your Leadership Effectiveness to read each of the last 6 blogs. Also, if you have not downloaded the assessment mentioned above – CLICK HERE.

If you want to learn more on being en effective leader and developing the leaders around you, join me on January 28 for a free, 25 minute FaceBook Live Event. CLICK HERE to register.