The Challenge: A Coach’s Awakening

For over a decade, I excelled as a Christian coach, consistently receiving high marks in all areas except one: Abiding in Christ. This low score wasn’t just disappointing; it haunted me.  As someone passionate about empowering others and leaving a lasting legacy of faith, I craved to understand why this core competency felt out of reach.

The Spark: Igniting a Deeper Connection

Driven by my desire to be the best coach possible, I embarked on a three-year journey of personal growth. This wasn’t about chasing perfection, but about deepening my connection with Christ, the very foundation upon which I coach. This pursuit ignited a passion within me, not just for my own growth, but to help others cultivate a thriving relationship with God.

The Gift: Empowering Others on Their Journey

The result? A transformative quiz designed specifically for Christian coaches to assess and strengthen their “Abiding in Christ” competency. This quiz equips coaches with five key areas for self-reflection: Discernment, Questions, Clarification, Action, and Listening. These elements are the building blocks for fostering a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit, both in themselves and in those they coach.

The Call to Action: Your Journey Begins Now!

This quiz isn’t just about identifying weaknesses, it’s about taking practical steps towards growth.  It’s about igniting a fire within yourself and those you coach. Click Here to take the FREE Coach Quiz and embark on your own transformative journey of Abiding in Christ!

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