The WBECS Pre-Summit officially kicked off last week and even the first few sessions have been amazing.

The good news is that the summit has just begun and there is a lot more to look forward to.

Following is the session I recommend for Week #4 June 17th-21st, especially if you are interested in learning from a seasoned international coach who has worked with executives in some of the most recognized companies globally!

Are you interested in joining me?

You can still register for over 40 online classes taught by the top thought leaders in business, executive and leadership coaching at no cost. I guarantee you will not regret this.

Go here to register for the free Pre-Summit now and join me on my learning journey.

I can’t wait to see you in the WBECS community. Be sure to join the Facebook groups and other amazing community features as well – you are going to love them!  Remember to read each of my weekly WBECS recommendations in the previous blogs as you empower leaders to multiply disciples, leaders and churches.

Gary Reinecke
Leadership Effectiveness Profile


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