Anyone who has been following us the last few months knows that we are in the final countdown to launch our free Disciple Coach Quiz! This is a quick quiz (takes less than five minutes) designed to show you your personal strengths and areas for growth when it comes to coaching and making disciples using a coach-approach. This is the unique contribution we are making in the disciple making conversation: listening and asking questions vs. telling.

We are so excited to be able to share this resource with you all!

So, who is this quiz for? We looked at the numbers of churches in the U.S. that were multiplying and realized that it was only two percent… This quiz is to aid the other ninety-eight. We seek to help coaches and disciples grow in five key habits of discipleship:

  • Missional values – knowing and understanding your personal values and living them out through consistent behavior 
  • Active prayer – utilizing prayer as a critically key element in the disciple making journey
  • Relational connections – building strong and authentic relationships with both Christians and non-Christians in your community
  • Disciple making cycle – creating intentional and enduring disciples who, in turn, create intentional and enduring disciples 
  • Strategic partnerships – forging strategic partnerships to keep you on mission in your disciple making journey

We think that church leaders, church planters and pastors can all benefit from taking and sharing this quiz with your disciples. Really, if you aspire to be a disciple maker, or actively are a disciple maker looking to grow, this quiz is for you.

This quiz isn’t a part of a curriculum or a step-by-step guide to be handed out in mass; we want this to serve as a helpful stop along the way in your unique discipleship journey. It is best shared with small groups that can process together; to help one another engage and grow in relationship with each other and with the Lord. We want to help discipleship coaches multiply and flourish. 

Stand by… the launch date for the quiz is July 5th!

Read what others are saying about the Disciple Coach Quiz…

Becoming a disciple coach is a journey that begins by knowing your starting point. The assessment gives you a clear picture of where you are and priority area(s) for growth. When a coach comes alongside in your journey, you can discern and take the next faithful steps toward reproducing disciple-makers. I strongly recommend that you engage in the journey!

Dr. Bob Logan – Author The Discipleship Difference and The Church Planting Journey


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