I want to introduce you to Micah Dodson, who I am collaborating with for the Leadership Collective 2020.  We have known each other for some time and I thought you would find his description of the type of leader who will benefit most from a Leadership Collective, informative and inspiring.

The ideal candidate for the Leadership Collective is someone that recognizes the need and value of training leaders. It is someone that wants to hand off ministry to others. It is someone who wants to equip and send leaders. The candidates that we are hoping to serve are people that will hand off what’s been entrusted to faithful people that will hand it off to generations of leaders.

Read 3 insights Micah shares about the leaders who will benefit most from a Leadership Collective:
  1. Leaders who recognize the need and value of training other leaders..
  2. Leaders that want to hand off ministry to others.
  3. Leaders who want to send leaders.

Who in your network, has a vision to accelerate the process of making disciples and empowering leaders?  Please CLICK HERE for more information.  The Leadership Collective promises to a deliver a supportive community to help you reach your leader development goals.




Please join us for the upcoming Leadership Makeover on January 14, 2020 at 8am PST/11am EST. We will be holding the webinar on ZOOM – CLICK HERE

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