I’ve been reflecting on a theological basis for coaching. From observing Jesus, I’ve arrived at three reasons why Jesus used a coach approach to disciplemaking & leader development. One disclaimer – He had the distinct advantage of divine insight, knowing when to be the expert vs. when to practice listening and asking questions to gain traction on the path to self-discovery; so our results might vary.

Here are three reasons why Jesus used a coach approach.

  • Reason #1 – Identity: Jesus coached people to discover for themselves who He was (Mark 8:29).
  • Reason #2 – Being: Jesus coached people to discover who they were in relationship to him (John 15:4).
  • Reason #3 – Doing: Jesus helped people discover how to lead like him (Matthew 16:24).

Regardless of who I am coaching I am likely to address one or more of these issues in most coaching conversations. Working with a leader through transition, he processed his responses to #2 and #3 in regards to the opportunities in front of him. The reflections that he was empowered to make through a coach approach helped him transition well into his next season of ministry. This week, as you coach new disciples or develop leaders, see which of the three areas you find yourself coaching in most frequently.

Here are three questions you can use:

  • What is Jesus teaching you about Himself? – Identity
  • What is Jesus teaching you about yourself? – Being
  • What is Jesus asking you to do? – Doing

What questions have you used to coach people through one of these issues – Identity, Being Doing?

Please comment below, I’d love to hear your experience.

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Have a wonderful week!


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