One of the things I’ve observed over the last 30+ years there are infinite ways to make disciples.

You are only limited by your imagination.  From organic to highly programmatic.  New approaches are being developed as you read this blog.

I am focusing on the absolute minimum support a discipler or disciplemaker requires to make disciples.  Specifically if the discipler has adopted a coach approach because the people the disciple coach is engaging with have aborted absolute Truth, are highly individualistic and secular.  I have been addressing the bare essentials a disciple coach needs to sustain their ministry in the previous blogs.

Here are the first four habits of a disciple coach:

  1. Missional Values
  2. Active Prayer
  3. Relational Connections
  4. Disciplemaking Cycle

The fifth and final habit is Strategic Partnerships.

Partnerships that support disciplemaking relationships are multi-faceted and keep the disciple coach on-mission:

  • Partnership with God
  • Partnership with those the disciple coach has engaged with on their spiritual journey
  • Partnerships with trusted mentors

It would be easy to focus on any of these to the exclusion of the other two or to focus on two and miss the third.  Best case scenario is to have all three going on to some degree but  that can’t always be the case – but is optimum.  Here is a simple example.

As a disciple coach you and I are doing life in community of a small group of other disciple coaches who are on-mission loving God, loving their neighbor and making disciples.  Partnerships within the group encourage and support the three values.  When a disciple takes the next step on their spiritual journey to find and follow Jesus – it is celebrated!  This might take the form of an act of service, a generous gift of one’s resources or taking a step of faith to pray for the very first time.  Whatever it is – the group synergistically supports the work of the disciple coach.

The other Strategic Partnerships the disciple coach nurtures is with not-yet Christians.  Right now, during varying degrees of lock-down around the country and the globe – developing new relationships is complicated.  The situation solicits creative ideas.  A church planter that I work with has launched a virtual Youth Alpha.  This has provided an opportunity to form small pods of young people to emerge where redemptive relationships are being formed that will growth as the church transitions to in-person gatherings.  Whatever the needs, the Lord instills creative ideas in the minds and hearts if disciple coaches – even during the most challenging times.

This completes the list.  I am sure you have some thought of what else a disciple coach needs to support the work of making disciples.  Would you please e-mail me your thoughts or enter your ideas un the “reply box” below.




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