Can you relate to this?  

You have an idea. A really good idea. But before others have a chance to even test it, your idea is adamantly rejected.  

Some time passes, maybe a year or so. During that time, the group that rejected your great idea stumbles on a very similar idea and tries it out for themselves. That group experienced the power of your idea first hand. And now they are on-board, fully engaged and supportive of “their idea” – with a vision to build on, expand and grow the idea.

This is not surprising, is it?  

The very people who rejected the idea initially are now the ones who own the idea today because they discovered the power of the idea for themselves.

What happened?

Experience. When people discover a new way of doing something and have a positive outcome, they can internalize an idea.  

Co-creating a vision with a leader has a similar dynamic.  

Think of a time when you came alongside someone and helped them flesh out their vision. You listened carefully. You asked thought-provoking questions. You were empathetic. You demonstrated genuine excitement. What difference did that make?  

Probably a significant difference. In both scenarios, when people discover something for themselves, they own it!

5 benefits when you help leaders develop vision 

  1. Allows leaders to grow in their leadership
  2. Encourages leaders to trust Jesus and exercise their faith
  3. Helps leaders to understand their own vision with greater clarity
  4. Communicates that the leader’s vision is worth your time and attention
  5. Reinforces the principle that the leader who creates the vision owns the vision

Questions you can ask to facilitate the visioning process

  • What brings you joy?
  • What makes you angry?
  • What makes you excited?
  • How do you see your strengths being used?
  • What is a problem that you feel called to solve?
  • How do you sense God leading you in the future?
  • What unique experiences have you had that are shaping your vision?

One of the keys to engaging people you are developing is to understand them. Get to know their story. Understand their gifting, strengths and weaknesses, and how they learn. Help leaders understand the key skills they need to develop, problem solve, and clarify their vision.

Have you been on the giving or receiving end of this? 

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Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash


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