It’s one thing to discuss the future and the potential steps to take to grow as a person or to achieve goals, but it’s quite another thing entirely to take action from these conversations. As a leadership or ministry coach, you aren’t satisfied with talking about dreams and struggles – you want to support people you coach through an intentional process that moves vision to a reality! When it comes to coaching, our conversation is only as powerful as what it leads us to do. Without taking action your clients’ dreams, their plans, the Holy Spirit’s direction, simply sit dormant as good intentions. But how can you empower your clients to take action? The first step is to partner with God. Tuning into the Holy Spirit’s voice will help you as the coach as well as those you are coaching. 

Goal: The primary emphasis is to help the new disciple or leader discern the voice of the Holy Spirit, acting upon His voice to turn coaching conversations into intentional plans of action. 

Why is it important to turn conversations into action? 

  • Growth is only possible when people take action
  • Progress can only be measured when people take action
  • Celebration is so much more meaningful when a goal or milestone is met!

Adopt a comprehensive coaching process that is spiritually anchored in Christ

Relate: Start an empowering coaching relationship. 

A healthy relationship between coach and client is essential. The client must trust their coach and feel safe enough to be honest and vulnerable. They must know they can count on their coach for wisdom and for support as they take risks. 

Reflect: Dig deep to discern the key issues. 

In order for your clients to know what steps should be taken, it’s important for them to understand the deeper reasons behind their goals. Why are these goals important? What stands in their way? What is God saying to them? 

Refocus: Facilitate holistic plans that will work. 

Even the most well-meaning and passionate dreams will not work without some planning. Is the goal possible? What is needed to make it happen? How will it impact your client’s life should it come to fruition? 

Resource: Leverage what’s needed for effective implementation. 

This is where you can support your client as they begin to gather what they will need to move their good intentions forward: finances, connections, or emotional strength. 

Review: How to build capacity for the ongoing journey. 

Now that the process has begun and action steps are in motion, what is needed to make your client’s work sustainable? What struggles might arise in the future and how do you aid your client in creating safety nets and alternative options for the future of their goals?

Three Mini-Shifts to Turn Conversations into Action:

  • Build a trusting environment. 
  • Make their agenda your agenda and help them clarify their next step. 
  • Engage your clients by helping them tap into their spiritually-directed motivation. 

Real-time Actions:

  • Adopt a simple process that is spiritually anchored in Christ

Reflection Questions: 

  • What happens when your client takes action?
  • What could they do differently to make their actions more effective? 
  • How can you help them hone their action plans? 

Key Question:

  • Where is God prompting you to grow to help your client take action?


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦 on Unsplash


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