The power of the image above is the strength of the individual parts that make the whole.  Imagine if one of the rocks was slightly tilted at an angle that jeopardized the integrity of the tear-drop?  This disruption would cause it to implode.

Similarily, the three strategies below are integrated into the Developing Coaching Excellence Collective. You will discover the value of the learning community as you reflect on your coach development, receive feedback from a coach mentor and learn with, and from other coaches. It is also a great opportunity to connect with other leaders from around the world with a similar vision to catalyze disciplemaking and church planting movements.

Strategy #1: Work with a coach mentor

Strategy #2: Receive feedback

Strategy #3: Learn with and from other coaches

InFocus is excited to present an opportunity to sharpen your coaching effectiveness. The launch of the first Developing Coaching Excellence Collective is September 2018. This Collective is designed to assist leaders who coach disciplemakers and church planting/multiplication leaders by creating a compelling and fruitful environment for you to grow your coaching muscle.  

Why do I need a Church Planting Collective?

  • Relationally: Stay on-mission through the support of the Collective Coaching community & 1-1 coaching.  The reality is, most leaders who are catalyzing disciplemaking & church planting movements using a coach approach, feel isolated.  One of the bi-products of the Collective is the support that participant’s receive.  
  • Strategically: Reproduce disciples, leaders & churches into the third & fourth generation.  One of the challenges for leaders using a coach approach who have a vision for multiplication, is moving beyond growth by addition to multiplication.  The strategic shift involved is supported by the work of the Collective. 

Who is a good Collective participant?

  • Humility – leaders who are open to knew ideas
  • Hunger- leaders who are motivated to grow in their understanding and practice of coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence – leaders with a high level of self-awareness.

How the Developing Coaching Excellence Collective works?


  • 3-12 participants
  • Meet four (4) times
  • 60-minutes each


  • 1-1
  • Meet six (6) sessions
  • 60-minutes each

What will be required?

Learning is maximized while you coach disciplemaking & church planting/multiplication leaders.  The power of the Collective is that you will strengthen your coaching muscle as you are in the process of coaching leaders.  The learning that you glean from the interactions in the learning community & 1-1 coaching can be applied immediately into the coaching relationships you are actively engaged.

Here are some of the resources that we will be using in the Collective:

  • Developing Coaching Excellence Handbook
  • Online 360-Degree Coach Assessment
  • Online Coaching tool

What are the next steps?

Register here

  • $997 per participant + group discounts available upon request

Schedule first coach appointment

  • You will be contacted to schedule the first coach appointment with your coach mentor.

Block-out four group sessions @ 8:30am PST

  • Session #1: September 10, 2018
  • Session #2: October 8, 2018
  • Session #3: November 5, 2018
  • Session #4: December 3, 2018

It would be a privilege to have you join the Developing Coaching Excellence Collective.  Sign-ups will continue through August and registration closes on September 1.  

Click here if you have questions or are interested in more information. 


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