Two New Coaching Insights for 2022

2022 is upon us and I imagine that, like many of us, you have a fresh, new vision for the year ahead. The Lord is using this season to refine and sharpen my own vision for coaching, helping others to become better at coming alongside new disciples, leaders, and teams to follow Jesus during a very challenging time in our culture. As I reflect on 2021, I recall story after story of leaders who are learning to navigate a very fluid season in the local church. This could be, perhaps, the most challenging season in our lifetimes.

Most recently, I was “zooming” with a group of leaders who are courageously leading their congregations during this time. We were discussing an upcoming retreat (which had been postponed from the fall) and each leader shared their “Why?” for the retreat–the real need they wanted to address. Almost in unison, they said, “To be in a space with other leaders to connect, face to face!”

I echo that sentiment!

Most leaders I speak to are living in the tension of trying to please two (or more) groups of people in their church. Inevitably, this is stressful and unsustainable. Moreover, leaders need the comfort and security that comes with being part of a community. One of my goals this year is to encourage my friends, neighbors, and clients to take the initiative to connect in meaningful ways.

This is one reason I am excited for the year ahead!

Two new coaching insights worth considering:

  1. How can we create learning communities of substance during this season while continuing to battle a pandemic?
  2. What do leaders who have completed foundational coach training need next in their development?

Without going into too much detail here, I want to share two resources with you in light of these questions.

Coaching Excellence

I partnered with Dr. Bob Logan to bring you the Coaching Excellence GrowthTrack. This cohort offers a unique combination of the 360° assessment, personalized one-on-one mentoring, and webinars aimed at raising your effectiveness as a coach.


Pursuing ICF Certification?

Our goal is to make this the best 10 CCEUs (Continuing Christian Education Units that qualify for International Coach Federation Coach Mentor credits) you can get! Learn more at


This cohort closes on January 31st. Do you want to explore this opportunity further?  Schedule a Zoom call with me – CLICK HERE!

May God bless you as you listen to His direction for your life and ministry in 2022!


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