History will tell the story how the Church decided to act in faith and be the Church in crisis.

Last Tuesday Gina (my wife) and I made an executive decision for our small group.  We have a wonderful host couple that open their home so that our group of 5-17 members (depending on the week) can meet on Tuesday evenings for about 28 weeks throughout the year.  A number of our participants have compromised immune systems or loved ones who are at greater risk than the general population.  Last weekend our church, like about many other congregations across the country, launched their first-ever online worship service.

Back to our small group.  I discussed the situation with Gina and we came up with a solution.  Due to the the various reasons above – we moved our small group gathering to a virtual format, using Zoom.  This is not an original idea with us.  In fact, this might seem old school for many.  But, it was an innovative solution to a real and pressing issue.

This allowed our group to meet without concerns for the health of our people who deal with compromised immune systems.  More importantly, this removed the excuse not to meet.  Check-out the list of questions below to consider creative solutions to complex problems.

7 Questions to Innovate Creative Solutions in Ministry during Uncertain Times
  1. What is influencing our decisions as we navigate this crisis?
  2. How can we leverage the circumstances the crisis is presenting, to move the mission of Jesus forward?
  3. Brainstorm a list of ideas that come to mind.
  4. Narrow the list to the best 3-5 ideas.
  5. What are the pros and cons of each idea?
  6. Choose the best idea that you can execute within a certain timeframe.
  7. What are the necessary steps to implement this idea.

Going to an online platform to keep your church connected might be the direction you need to move right now.  This forced migration might be the best thing for your congregation.  Perhaps, online isn’t something you need to do and there are other considerations that will allow you to capitalize on the opportunity?

Three COMPLIMENTARY Coaching Sessions to Innovate Creative Solutions During Uncertain Times

With the warnings, limitations and restrictions imposed on your ministry; would you like help navigating this season?  With that in mind, InFocus is offering three complimentary coaching appointments, 30 minutes each.  Going online with worship services, small groups or your entire ministry is innovative.

With the current restrictions the government has enforced due to the Coronavirus there was an uptick in webinars just last week to assist leaders that need to introduce online solutions for their church, facilitated by experts in the field. If you would like assistance on sorting through all the options I would be happy to coach you around the best way to address your need.  Simply click on the button below to schedule a time that works for you.  You determine the agenda:

  • Taking your worship services online
  • Taking your disciplemaking online
  • Taking your church online

…..or some other topic of your choosing!

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