What is a level 5 leader?

What is a level 5 leader?

The best reason I suggest you to participate in a Collective, is not:

  • the power of coaching
  • the power of a focused learning communities.

No, the best reason that I would give is the profound impact God has made through the ministries of my co-presenters who are multiplying leaders (read Multiply).

Church Multiplication Collective

  • Tim Vink – Level 4-5 leader
    • Stewarded the Reformed Church of America movement from 3% to 14% of churches reproducing since 2005.

Disciple-Making Collective

  • Daniel B – missionary that has catalyzed 400+ Discovery Bible studies with his team
    • Has helped train over 500 church planters in disciple-making strategies worldwide.

Allowing leaders to focus on a shared issue within a group of like-minded individuals, combines the power of one-on-one coaching with the strength of a learning community.

If you have not yet registered yet I would like to encourage you to seriously consider taking that next step. Registration ends November 10, 2017 for this round of Collectives. Below is the schedule with times listed in the links below:  

  • Session #1: Nov 13, 2017
  • Session #2: Dec 4, 2017
  • Session #3: Jan 9, 2018
  • Session #4: Feb 5, 20178

Please e-mail InFocus if you have specific questions about taking the next step to register.

See Church Multiplication Collective to register.

See Disciple-Making Collective to register.

Strategically Approaching 2018

Strategically Approaching 2018

How are you preparing for 2018?

Over the last 30+ years I’ve discovered the power of coaching leaders to help them succeed.  Leaders thrive when the learn in communities. Allowing leaders to focus on a shared issue within a group of like-minded individuals combines the power of one-on-one coaching with the strength of a learning community.

InFocus is launching two 6-month-long Collectives that are designed to allow leaders to activate, assess, and apply what they learn in their ministries. The Collectives will focus on how leaders should respond in moments of chaos and uncertainty, guiding leaders through the decisions that drive their visions.

The Collectives are focused on:

  • Church Planting & Multiplication: best suited for regional leaders responsible for the health & growth of multiple congregations
  • Disciplemaking: best suited for pastors/church planters

How are you preparing for 2018?  Who do you know that needs the support of a Collective?  Registration ends November 10, 2017 for this round of Collectives.  

Three Reasons to Engage In a Collective

Three Reasons to Engage In a Collective

Collectives are focused learning intensives that take the best practices to make more & better disciples by creating the healthiest environments possible.

  • Activate your vision through individualized coaching.
  • Assess your framework to cultivate a movement of disciples and healthy churches by interacting with other members of the Collective.
  • Apply principles in designing an action plan to implement in your context

Reason #1: Start 2018 strong

Finish 2017 in a forward looking way. Calibrate your ministry by assessing what you are doing to multiply disciples and churches. Put plan in place to start 2018 with a clear plan.

Reason #2: Raise your awareness

Learn from seasoned leaders. Consider what others are doing without a prescriptive approach. The four group sessions will give you the opportunity to interact with practitioners and then de-brief in the six coaching sessions to allow you process how the principles can be adapted to your context.

Reason #3: Take action

Allow the Lord to speak into your vision. Collectives create space for leaders to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit. When you have a new direction, thought or nuance that you wan to act on, the power of the coaching relationship will help you take action.

  • Read more about the Collectives.
  • Registration closes on November 10, 2017.
  • Please e-mail direct with questions.
Introducing the Co-Facilitators of the InFocus Collectives

Introducing the Co-Facilitators of the InFocus Collectives

If not you, who?


Who do you know that has a vision to make disciples and form churches, that plant churches?


The Disciple-making Movement Collective is the perfect opportunity to be equipped with the necessary skills to catalyze this process. 


I’m excited to have two world-class leaders who are co-facilitating the InFocus Collectives with me.


  • Daniel B has helped catalyze 400+ Discovery Bible Studies & will be sharing principles from his experience in the Disciple-making Collective.


  • Tim Vink has stewarded the movement within a denomination that has moved from 3% to 14% of churches reproducing since 2005: nationally across the evangelical landscape only 4% are reproducing churches or “Level 5” according to Exponential research.


The three environments you will experience in the collective include coaching, group interaction, and personal application. 


See DISCIPLE‑MAKING COLLECTIVE for dates, times & registration click here.


See CULTIVATING MULTIPLICATION MOVEMENTS COLLECTIVE for dates, times & registration click here.


Who do you know that has a vision to catalyze a disciple-making movement?


Who do you know that is responsible for the systems contributing to the multiplication of churches?


Announcing InFocus Collectives

Announcing InFocus Collectives

Are you looking for a group to connect with to sharpen your coaching skills?



Would you like to learn how to make disciples using a coach approach?



Are you coaching leaders to catalyze a movement of multiplying churches?



Check out InFocus Collectives

Whatever is alive in Christ, multiply it. The gospel has exponential power and potential so that where we plant the full gospel message about the Bridegroom, the Bride is sure to be showing up next.

-Tim Vink

Lesson #6 – Challenge for Clarity

Lesson #6 – Challenge for Clarity

So far, I’ve focused on the importance of the:

  • Spiritual: Discern the will of the Father, helping those you coach to do the same
  • Relational: Value the other person
  • Personal: Embrace your unique contribution
  • Interpersonal: You can’t want something for someone else more than they want it for themselves
  • Inspirational: Help people tap into their creativity

This week I shift focus to the strategic aspect of coaching.

Lesson #6 – Challenge for Clarity

There is a wonderful dynamic when a leader or team moves from:

  • confusion and perhaps discouragement to agreement on an issue
  • a rough idea to a vision
  • good intentions to action

In coaching, the moment when shifts occur, the leader moves to greater clarity.

Let’s talk about a real situation. I was coaching a team to help them navigate their vision. One of the big components of their vision was church planting. As I facilitated the visioning process with them God was doing something that forced them to clarify – He was preparing a team to plant a church in another part of the country.

As we met it became more and more obvious. Rather than talking about some day planting a church; this team began asking an entirely different set of questions:

  • Who will be going?
  • What commitments will we (the parent church) ask of the team planting the new church?
  • How will we communicate with the rest of the church body?
  • What resources will we provide?
  • How will we relate to the new church?

In this situation, the team realized that God was already at work, and the leader(s) needed to cooperate. They had a choice: would they support the work He was doing, or would they resist?

The more leaders are willing to put themselves in a posture of responding, to what the Lord wants from them, the more He asks of the leader(s) – according to their level of obedience.

Coaches can be immensely helpful. When leaders struggle to clearly see what God is doing, a coach can help clarify where they need to focus. As leaders clarify, they must be challenged to take action. Here are five tips a coach can implement to assist leaders to maintain an open posture to the Lord:

  1. Celebrate the “wins” (ways God is at work)
  2. Pray to thank God for His goodness
  3. Clarify current reality
  4. Brainstorm actions
  5. Challenge to take the next step

One resource I’ve found extremely helpful in clarifying vision for church planters and pastors is the vision frame. This is a great resource that defines the key components of vision. Check out Will Mancini’s book, Church Unique, for more information.