What if you could find a vocation that integrated you into the community you serve and allowed you the freedom you desire?

Why co-vocations? The answer is 3-fold:

Since 2010 Gina Reinecke has helped hundreds of people lose it every day as a health and wellness coach. From her support and encouragement clients work through the Habits of Health System while they shed pounds. People’s lives have been transformed and some have achieved financial health as she supports them as they take the role of health coach. We are humbly looking for church planters, couples where both spouses work but want to bring one home and single parents struggling to make ends meet.

Church Planting

Bring a spouse home

Empower single parents

Below I will unpack each is greater detail!

Co-Vocations for Church Planters

Integrate church planters into the community to reach people far from God rather than attracting disgruntled Christians seeking a new church experience

Alleviate some of the real financial strains the planter, planter spouse and family experience in the early days of planting the church

Eliminate the financial burden on the church plant and allow more resources to go directly to making disciples, developing leaders and planting new churches

Bring a Spouse Home

Think of how an extra $300 per month affects a family’s budget – it could cover a car payment, extra-curricular activities, provide room for savings.  An extra $2,000 per month could bring a spouse home and provide flexibility and freedom to participate in school, community and family commitments.

Empower Single Parents

Single parent homes are at greater risk of poverty, having children with higher dropout rates, higher teenage pregnancy rates and greater chances of being involved in the justice system.

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