InFocus Affiliates participate in the vision to empower missional leaders to multiply healthy ministries that fuel gospel movements.

  • Missional leaders: leaders who are passionate about making disciples
  • Multiply: leaders that train other leaders to reproduce disciples, leaders, and churches
  • Healthy ministries: leaders focused on numerical, qualitative and spiritual growth
  • Fuel: leaders keen on networking with other like-minded leaders to accelerate Gospel movements
  • Gospel movements: leaders concerned about transformation in the home, community, region, nation and beyond


InFocus Affiliates link their branded website to the InFocus store so that they receive a percentage off each sale to leaders they coach, train and consult.

Upon acceptance of your affiliate account, you will be assigned an “Affiliate Link” which you will use to append to links referencing InFocus. This is the tracking method that will allow you to receive credit fo sales.

The Fine Print

InFocus Affiliates and/or InFocus can terminate the Affiliate relationship at any time for any reason.

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Not an Affiliate?

If you are not an affiliate, please refer to the information contained on this page. Once you have submitted the following form, you will receive a confirmation within 48 hours. Upon confirmation, you will be assigned a custom "affiliate link"  to be appended to all references and links to  InFocus resources for which you want credit.