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Have you been coaching for a while?  Are you ready to take the next step to grow as a Christian coach?  The next step is to assess which skills you need to develop. The 360-Degree Christian Coach Assessment allows you to receive feedback from a variety of perspectives.  It is a research-based assessment tool built around nine core Christian coaching competencies. It is an effective way to get quick, reliable and valid feedback on a person’s current level of coaching skills from four different perspectives:

  • Self: your own
  • Client: someone you have coached
  • Coach or Coach Mentor: someone who has coached you
  • Colleague: a peer that has observed you as you have coached

You will appreciate the full range of perspectives, which provides you with a balanced view of your coach ability relating to  each of the nine core competency areas. With that information, you can create an insightful personal action plan for growth to target specific areas of your coaching skills. This assessment is linked to a broader data-base so you can see how your competencies stack up against coaches who consistently produce excellent results.

The 360-Degree Christian Coach Assessment will help you bridge the gap between your subjective sense of how effective you are as a coach to competency, based on an objective profile of your Christian coaching skills.  Are you ready to take take the next step to multiply your effectiveness as a coach?  Contact us to get started below.


Price: $99 per assessment
Please provide the information below for yourself and the coach(es) you wish to assess.

Christian Coaching Competencies


  • Abiding in Christ
  • Self-assessing
  • Communicating


  • Establishing
  • Supporting
  • Concluding


  • Diagnosing
  • Planning
  • Monitoring

360-Degree Online Coach Assessment

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