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Coaching Question for January 2017

To kick-off the New Year, I propose a guiding question for you and those you coach to further the work of catalyzing disciplemaking movements: What is your most fruitful activity this year to catalyze disciplemaking movements in your community? Reflect on that for a...
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Do you need a coach?

I've found that one of the ways to help leaders learn how to coach is to first, be coached. I remember serving as a coach mentor for a network of church planters.  A leader in that group had a particular understanding of the posture of a coach that collided with the...
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2017 E.source Focus

The last two blogs I've shared questions to help you reflect on your accomplishments this year (2016) to prepare for the year ahead (2017), by envisioning where you believe God is encouraging you to grow.  These questions are also intended for you to use with those...
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Out with the Old – In with the New (Part II)

December is a very important month to help leaders reflect on the past and set goals for the upcoming year.  A friend and colleague of mine, Brian Howard, gave me a list of questions that he uses.  Last week I shared questions to reflect on 2016. Here are a few...
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Out with the Old – In with the New

December is a very important month to help leaders reflect on the past and set goals for the upcoming year.  A friend and colleague of mine, Brian Howard, gave me a list of questions that he uses to help leaders he coaches reflect on the past.  Here are a few samples...
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On Coaching

“Gary Reinecke is probably the best church planting coach in the country today.”


Dr. Steve Ogne – Church Resource Ministries

On Training

“Gary empowers leaders to discover and realize their God-given potential, not by imitating others, but by striving to become the best possible version of themselves.” 



Rev. Russ Siders – Lead Pastor, Sunrise Community Church

On Coaching

“Every leader needs a coach like Gary.  Whether by his capability for nearly mystical insight, his talent for asking incisive questions, or his genuinely encouraging nature, Gary has played a major role in my becoming a better leader and a more healthy pastor.”


Joel Renkema – Lead Pastor, Visalia Christian Reformed Church

On Consulting

“Gary has been a key strategic voice and guide in helping our church discover God’s plan for health, fulfilling Proverbs 20:5, Though good advice lies deep within the heart, a person with understanding will draw it out.” 



Jonathan Edwards – Executive Pastor, The Sanctuary Church

On Coaching

“Like Barnabas, Gary Reinecke comes alongside leaders to help increase their effectiveness. His coaching ministry cultivates leaders how grow and multiply healhty churches. I’m grateful for the strategic contribution to the advance of God’s Kingdom.”



Dr. Bob Logan, Founder – Logan Leadership

On Coaching

“Gary’s insights, detailed follow-through, excellent listening skills and probing questions have consistently brought our the best in me.”



Rev. Tim Vink – Church Multiplication Coordinator, Reformed Church of America

On Training

“I have worked with InFocus and Gary Reinecke as part of two denominations over the span of more than a decade.  His systematic approach to coaching, equipping, and training is both user friendly and powerful.  The skill Gary adds to every interaction is transformative in how it provides clarity and effectively reveals next steps and brings the path to your ultimate goals in focus!”



Rob Paterson – Lead Pastor, New Hope Community Church & Regional Multiplication Coordinator, Converge MidAtlantic

On Coaching

“Gary challenges me to work on the things I need to work on that I’d rather not do because they are unpleasant or they don’t fit in my wheelhouse.”



David McDaniel – NorthPoint Strategic Partnership Group Director

On Coaching

“Gary has consistently encouraged me to discover what God wants me to do and he has helped me to do it. Now he is inspiring me to help others do the same.  If you need to get to the next level of your leadership, call Gary today!”

Nic Pope, Church Planter – Sequoia Community Church

On Coaching

“I have learned so much from partnering with Dr. Gary Reinecke.  He has modeled empowering coaching, introduced me to clear processes for establishing churches and shown me how to assess church health. All while offering the sensitive and discerning ear of friendship. I am better for having known him.”
Fr. Cam Lemons – Founding Pastor, St. Paul’s City Church