INFOCUS Collectives

  • Do you have a vision to see your network make disciples that make disciples?
  • Do you have a passion to see your network plant churches that reproduce into the third and fourth generation?
  • Are you frustrated when you hear how other networks are seeing fruit but struggle to imagine a movement of disciples making disciples?  

One leader asked other network leaders, who were experiencing a movement of disciples making disciples into the third and fourth generation; what insights they had learned?  Two key learnings emerged from his research:

  1. A simple disciplemaking process
  2. A coach approach. 

Armed with these jewels of wisdom, he began to equip his network.  A few years into the initiative to shift their approach to disciplemaking, the network has moved the metrics that matter in a positive direction.  More people are engaged in disciplemaking, disciples are reproducing into the third and fourth generation AND the amount of time it takes to plant a church has been reduced by a third.

COLLECTIVES are focused learning intensives to train you, and the leaders you are empowering, in the best practices of coaching to make more & better disciples, develop leaders and start/reproduce healthy churches.  The three environments of coaching, group interaction and personal application round-out the Collective.  Watch this video that explains how a coach approach can maximize your ministry.

ACTIVATE your vision through individualized coaching.
ASSESS your process to cultivate leaders using a coach approach.
APPLY principles in your context.


WARNING! the choice can be hard!

Church Planting


STARTS January 2019



STARTS April 2019

Develop Coaching Excellence


STARTS January 2019


“Whatever is alive in Christ, multiply it. The gospel has exponential power and potential so that where we plant the full gospel message about the Bridegroom, the Bride is sure to be showing up next.” – Tim Vink