Church Planting Collective

Do you have a vision to catalyze a church Planting movement?

Over the last couple of years, I have been equipping missionaries in various regions around the world to apply a coach approach to disciple-making. During this time I have been working alongside trainers using a simple disciple-making process. Around the world, these simple disciple-making strategies are reaching people where more traditional approaches have struggled.

One of the missionaries I have partnered with has focused on this simple approach and now has experience to glean from. After five years, his network of missionaries has some 500 Bible study groups that have reproduced into the third and fourth generation. From those group, two church plants have formed.

Please join us for a unique experience to Activate, Assess and Apply church planting principles to your mission field to cultivate a movement. The three environments of coaching, group interaction and personal application round-out the Church Planting Collective. Please contact InFocus direct for more information.

PREPARE Intentionally • ENGAGE Relationally • ESTABLISH Carefully • GROW Holistically

Here are the key areas we will cover:

  • Birth vision out of prayer
  • Mobilize initial leadership team
  • Confirm spiritual & relational health
  • Determine action plans for start-up
  • Understand the target group
  • Build bridges to non-believers.
  • Train & multiply disciples.
  • Reproduce disciple-making communities
  • Celebrate & worship together
  • Embrace a kingdom focus
  • Lead & manage as you grow
  • Cultivate continuous multiplication
Tim Vink

Daniel B

  • Team Leader on active Church Planting Team
  • Church Planting Movements/Disicple‑Making Movement Catalyst
  • Has helped train over 500 church planters in DMM strategies worldwide
  • 10 years of cross-cultural ministry

DR. Gary Reinecke

  • Founder & Executive Director of InFocus
  • Coach to multiplication leaders since 1988
  • Researcher to assess effectiveness in coaching worldwide
  • Trainer to equip hundreds of missional leaders in coaching
  • Strategist for leadership development and church multiplication networks

The Church Planting Collective…

…is designed for church planters and their teams, including:

  • Church Planters
  • Missionaries
  • Bi-vocational church planters


4 x Group Sessions

Meet four (4) times as a collective for 90-minutes each & individual coaching for six (6) sessions, 1-hour each for a total of 12 contact hours.

  • Session #1: September 10, 2018
  • Session #2: October 8, 2018
  • Session #3: November 5, 2018
  • Session #4: December 3, 2018

All times are: Mondays @ 3:30pm PST (4:30pm MST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)

6 x Individual Sessions

Your FIRST Individual Coaching appointment will occur before the initial GROUP session. Your sixth (last) appointment will follow the final GROUP session.

You are given two options to focus your coaching relationship:

Option #1 – Missional Coach Development 

Customized coaching to develop your coaching effectiveness as you coach Multiplication leaders.

Option #2 – Church Planting Movements 

Customized coaching to develop, sharpen or revise your plan.


Cost – $900 per participant includes:

Four, 90-minute Group sessions Six, 1-hour Personal coaching appointments with Gary Reinecke Cultivating Multiplication Movements Coaching Guide + Storyboard Coaching Tool Annual subscription

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Group discounts available upon request