leadership development Collective

Do you have vision for a leadership pipeline?

When you look for leaders, who do you see?

How are you developing leaders?

What are the skills of a leader?

Here are the key areas we will cover:

    • Know yourself
    • Understand your team
    • Assess team capabilities
    • Agree leadership groundrules
    • Provide directional clarity
    • Se tangible goals and targets
    • Lead by example
    • Take measured risks
    • Appraise team performance
    • recognize and celebrate success
    • Invite feddback and adjust style

DR. Gary Reinecke

  • Founder & Executive Director of InFocus
  • Coach to multiplication leaders since 1988
  • Researcher to assess effectiveness in coaching worldwide
  • Trainer to equip hundreds of missional leaders in coaching
  • Strategist for leadership development and church multiplication networks

leadership development Collective…

…is designed for leaders and their teams, including:

  • Church Planters, Pastors & Church Multiplication Network Leaders
  • Missionaries with a “Business As Mission”
  • Leaders in the Marketplace


4 x Group Sessions

Meet four times as a Collective for 60-minutes each for a total of four (4) contact hours.

Spring 2019 Collective:

Session #1: April 1, 2019
Session #2: April 29, 2019
Session #3: May 27, 2019
Session #4: June 24, 2019

All times are: Mondays @ 12:30pm PST (1:30pm MST/2:30pm CST/3:30pm EST)


6 x Individual Sessions

Meet six times with your Coach Mentor for 60-minutes each for a total of six (6) contact hours.  Your FIRST Individual Coaching appointment will occur before the initial GROUP session. 

You are given two options to focus your coaching relationship:

Option #1 – Missional Coach Development 

Customized coach mentoring can be specifically geared to your particular focus:

  • Church Planting/Multiplication
  • Leadership Development
  • Church Health.

Option #2 – ICF Coach Competencies, Mentor Requirement

Customized coach mentoring can be utilized for your International Coach FederationCoach Mentor Requirement for your:

  • Associate Certified Coach – ACC
  • Professional Certified Coach – PCC
  • Master Certified Coach – MCC.


Cost – $997 per participant includes:

Four, 60-minute Group sessions
Six, 1-hour Personal coaching appointments
Effective Leadership Coaching Guide + Storyboard
Coaching Tool Annual subscription

Group discounts available upon request