As you know, I strive to keep you informed about excellent coach training opportunities.  My vision is to help leaders take an empowering approach to develop the leaders around you!  One of the most significant shifts leaders face as you embrace and practice a coach approach, is moving from coaching an individual to coaching a group or team.  It may seem like a simple transition; in reality, the shift from individual to group grows exponentially in complexity.

My prayer is that this would support your work of disciplemaking, leader development and church planting/multiplication.

The Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI) – is a new institute dedicated to Team Coaching.  They are bringing the world’s foremost experts in team coaching, to teach on this important topic.  Professors Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck have partnered to bring you a complimentary, LIVE Team Coaching Accelerator: Advance to the Leading Edge of Team Coaching and Team Leadership. I’d love for you to be my guest!

Experience the First live GTCI event – Secure your complimentary seat for the LIVE Team Coaching Accelerator here

In this 90 minute accelerator, Peter & David will show you how to leverage the incredible power of team coaching. You’ll learn how to distinguish between team coaching and other interventions, such as team facilitation, team building and one to one. Plus you’ll learn how to take a complex, adaptive systems perspective of teams and their leaders. By the end of this session, you’ll be able to begin building team coaching into your personal development planning as a coach.

I trust this FREE accelerator will profoundly impact the way you coach!




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