As a disciple I am learning from Jesus to live my life as he would live life if he were I.  I am not necessarily learning to do everything he did, but I am learning how to do everything I do in the manner in which he did all that he did. 

Dallas Willard


Someone who is living out of a Basic Core that exhibits a love for God in Christ and a love for others that leads to making disciples. 

Colin Noyes


A disciple coach helps their newest disciples by listening and asking questions to help them discern the voice of the Holy Spirit so that they can take the next step in their discipling making journey.  

Gary Reinecke

Notice the nuanced progression:

  1. The disciple, by definition, is a student.
  2. The disciple shifts, ever so slight, when they become a disciple maker.
  3. The disciple maker shifts, by adopting a coach approach, to multiply disciples.

These three nuanced shifts are observable.  You have probably experienced them in your own development.  One way of looking at this is moving from a disciple who makes disciples by addition (one at a time) to a multiplier (exponential growth into the 3rd and 4th generation of disciples).

The vision fueling the disciple coach-approach is to engage Christians who are not currently making disciples, for whatever reason, to participate in the mission of Jesus.  “How so?”  By listening to the Holy Spirit, take the next step on their disciple making journey so that they can help people around them do the same.

We are getting closer and closer to launching the Disciple Coach Quiz.  As we beta-test the quiz we are receiving amazing feedback.  “Our goal?  To provide a tool that will help you and those you disciple progress through the three stages mentioned above: beginning with being a disciple – shifting to a disciple maker – finally, adopting a coach-approach as you make disciples.”    Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks to come!


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