I had the privilege to interview Colin Noyes and Micah Dodson in response to the question: Why does disciplemaking begin in the Harvest? 

Watch the video – CLICK HERE!

Colin lives in Brisbane, Australia and is an authority on disciplemaking movements.  For the last twenty years he has served in denominations, ministries and leaders as a coach/consultant/trainer.  Colin has authored three books on the topic.

Here are key points Colin shares:

  • Jesus started in the harvest 
  • Disciples worked in the harvest because they were a very small group in a pagan world
  • Disciplemaking was a normal part of life for every believer
  • People today are interested in Jesus and what He has to say
  • The post-Constantine church has to be obedient to Jesus and look back

Read more about Colin – CLICK HERE.

Here are the key points Micah shares:

  • Orienting our lives around people who don’t know Jesus
  • Jesus intends that we make the most of every opportunity
  • Live in proximity to people who don’t know Christ
  • Empower people to go out

Micah is an experienced church planter.  He serves in the Pacific Northwest coaching, training, and assessing church planting leaders.  Micah brings a compassion for the church planting couple and family in partnership with his wife, Kristen.  Read more about Micah – CLICK HERE.

Please interact with the points from above, in the conversation below.



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