Right now, you and I must be creative in our efforts to discover inspiration.

If you listen to the typical news report, read the latest updates on what is going on in the world and allow your mind to focus on reasons to be fearful – those messages can be less than motivational.  It can be downright depressing.  Or in my darker moments, they just feel evil.

Today I want to ask this question: Where do you find inspiration?

You might be in the throws of finding the right path to navigate complex issues of ministry.  For instance, now that you have “righted” the ship and are discovering how to conduct a hybrid ministry; you might be asking yourself how long will this last.  Of course, no one knows the answer to this question.  Theologically you hold to the inspiration found in Jesus’s ministry, the Psalms and the writing’s of the Apostle Paul.  In the  moments when all odds stand against you, your leadership and even your family – the Word is our source of inspiration.

AND in the midst of challenges it is essential that you grab onto sources of inspiration that force you to see God in a new ways.  One way I find inspiration is through mountain biking.  It provides a needed distraction, forcing me to consider life and ministry from a fresh perspective.  I enjoy riding with my wife.  Mountain biking provides companionship with Gina, breathing life into my weary soul and tired body.  Afterwards, I see things differently.  It puts events into it’s proper perspective.  Inevitably, I discover a new insight I did not have before the ride.  Most important is the gratitude I feel when I realize how big God is and how small our world is and my place in it!

Where do you find inspiration?

In the next month we are launching three Leadership Collectives.  One of the take-aways for leaders that experience the Leadership Collectives is the inspiration they receive throughout the process.  Please look there over and if you have anyone in your network that might benefit – share it!

Leadership Collective

Leadership Collective for Multi-Ethnic Leaders

Leadership Collective for Parent Church Leaders



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