I want to introduce you to Micah Dodson.  We are collaborating for the Leadership Collective 2020.  Last week I asked him to tell you about himself, his background in ministry and vision to assess and coach church planters – CLICK HERE to read more.  We have known each other for some time and I thought you would find his motivation for a Leadership Collective inspiring.

The 2020 Leadership Collective will be an important catalyst for leaders that are looking to multiply their influence. Often times leaders get excited about the concepts of multiplication, but are unable to execute at implementation. We know that the harvest is ripe, that we are called to pray for harvest workers, and that we are called to make disciples, but that knowledge can be diluted by the pressures they face day in and day out.

Here are 3 insights Micah shares about the purpose for the Leadership Collective:
  1. Multiplication is a compelling vision, but leaders need help implementing this all-important principle.
  2. Multiplication gives way to the “tyranny of the urgent” – leaders lose sit of the big picture.
  3. Multiplication at all levels of the church, begins with disciplemaking at it’s core.

The Leadership Collective will be a vital input into your leadership that gives you the opportunity to work on your church not just in your church. Through a combination of training times and monthly coaching, we will serve to help you develop a platform of disciplemaking that leads to a culture of leadership development, and eventually results in continuous multiplication. Simply put, the Leadership Collective will help you move multiplication from an aspirational value to a daily practice.

That last statement is worth highlighting.  There exists a lot of resources that talk about making the shift from “addition” to “multiplication”.  If it was simple then everyone would be doing it.  That is WHY we are collaborating on the Leadership Collective.

Who in your network, has a vision to accelerate the process of making disciples and empowering leaders?  Please CLICK HERE for more information.  Next week I will share what Micah had to say about the type of leaders who will benefit most from a Leadership Collective.


Leadership Make-Over

with Gary Reinecke & Micah Dodson


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