One of the realizations of this season we find ourselves in is discovering what is important to each of us.

For example, certain things we just are not able to do now like going to sporting events, the movie theater and even hanging out with friends and family that are not under the same roof. There are some things we are still able to do.

Reflect on those things that are important to you

Perhaps it is taking a walk or hike, getting to know your neighbors or spending a day at the beach with your immediate family.  Maybe it is reading a good book, making stuff with your hands or cooking.  Whatever those things are – many of us have found a way to do those activities we truly value, despite the threat of a pandemic.

One activity I love doing is riding my mountain-bike.  You will find me and my wife on the trails in back of our home, three mornings a week from 6-8:30am.  This is the time when we feel safe to ride given the low numbers of people on the trails and cooler weather.  If you are interested – I’ve uploaded two, 25-second videos for your viewing entertainment below:

  • Gary climbing a gnarly hill, 65′ change in elevation – CLICK HERE
  • Gary dropping down a technical gully, 73′ change in elevation – CLICK HERE.  The photo at the top of this blog is the cut I sustained when I misjudged the final drop earlier this season.  It was not pretty…

BTW – in case you are wondering, my wife, Gina was the videographer.  To give you an idea of her riding capacity – she was so far ahead of me that she was able to unload her bike, get positioned on the trail with her iPhone and record me riding.  I want to be like her some day:>)

Let me suggest that disciple coaches value certain behaviors.  Even during a pandemic, disciple coaches understand the importance of the intentional effort required to connect with pre-Christian, helping new disciples grow in their faith, coaching  disciples to move from being a consumer to serve others and reproduce into the lives of other yet-to-be disciples of Christ.  Here are those values again, taken from the Making Disciples Storyboard:





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