As you know, I strive to keep you informed about excellent coach training opportunities.  My vision is to help YOU take an empowering approach to develop the leaders around you!  The bonus is that this is a complimentary webinar.

Starting tomorrow, you can learn live from 2 of the industry’s greatest thought leaders, Professors Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck!  They are coming from a corporate and academic orientation to coaching but I believe their experience can flow over into a ministry coaching context.  Wherever you are using a coach approach to make & multiply:

  • Disciples
  • Leaders
  • Plant Churches.

Secure your spot for this complimentary Team Coaching Accelerator: Advance to the Leading Edge of Team Coaching and Team Leadership 

In this first Live GTCI event Peter & David will show you how to leverage the incredible power of team coaching. Learn what makes team coaching stand apart from other interventions like team facilitation or team building. Shift your perspective of teams and leaders – take a complex, adaptive systems approach. It’s everything you need in order to start building team coaching into your personal development plan as a coach!

By the end of this session, you’ll understand how to work with competence and confidence in a team coaching environment.

If you’re ready to help organizations optimize team effectiveness and succeed in a VUCA world, this accelerator is for you. You’ll unlock a new paradigm of leadership and teamwork that most successful team coaches are implementing.

Register for the Team Coaching Accelerator here

If you’re interested, I highly recommend you sign up right away. The first 5 sessions have now reached full capacity.

This training has the power to profoundly impact your coaching practice. Excited to see you there!

I trust this FREE accelerator will profoundly impact the way you coach!



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