Collectives are focused learning intensives that take the best practices to make more & better disciples by creating the healthiest environments possible.

  • Activate your vision through individualized coaching.
  • Assess your framework to cultivate a movement of disciples and healthy churches by interacting with other members of the Collective.
  • Apply principles in designing an action plan to implement in your context

Reason #1: Start 2018 strong

Finish 2017 in a forward looking way. Calibrate your ministry by assessing what you are doing to multiply disciples and churches. Put plan in place to start 2018 with a clear plan.

Reason #2: Raise your awareness

Learn from seasoned leaders. Consider what others are doing without a prescriptive approach. The four group sessions will give you the opportunity to interact with practitioners and then de-brief in the six coaching sessions to allow you process how the principles can be adapted to your context.

Reason #3: Take action

Allow the Lord to speak into your vision. Collectives create space for leaders to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit. When you have a new direction, thought or nuance that you wan to act on, the power of the coaching relationship will help you take action.

  • Read more about the Collectives.
  • Registration closes on November 10, 2017.
  • Please e-mail direct with questions.


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