In case you missed it a recent report was published comparing the views of four Christian groups in a number of areas – see graphic above.

The American Worldview Inventory 2020, conducted by the Cultural Research Center (CRC) Director of Research Dr. George Barna, surveyed 51 beliefs and behaviors among Christian groups and found that rather than transforming the culture around them with biblical truth, the opposite is happening. American Christianity is rapidly conforming to the values of the post-Christian secular culture. Key findings of the survey include:

  1. Evangelicals are embracing secularism
  2. Pentecostals and charismatics take secularization a step further
  3. Mainline Protestants are the most secular of the four faith families
  4. Catholics are increasingly secular and permissive

If you are like me this information is both alarming and confirming – that is, it might affirm what we already sense is happening in the church!

What does this mean for the advance of the gospel?

  1. Your life and ministry matters
    • It is easy to read data like this, hear yet another account of a leader who trips and falls or listen to the voice of the media take a sucker punch at the church or Christianity.  In some cases this is well deserved.  But the reason Christianity exists today is because people like you have taken a stand and refuse to retreat, give-up or give-in.
    • Coaching Question: Where can you take a stand today?
  2. Continue the work of making disciples
    • If you are part of the problem – change or get out of the way.  Seriously!  Now, if you are still with me – leverage your influence.  Remember your values.  Take action.  Sometimes the little things we do, matter the most.
    • Coaching Question: What values drive you to take the next step in helping someone on their discipleship journey?
  3. Go small and deep
    • Jesus was a friend to the disciples.  He cared.  Jesus went deep.  If you have experienced the fruit of a small band of believers you know the deep impact that can be made.  Culturally the time is ripe to go small and deep: see MEGA-MULTI-MICRO
    • Coaching Question: Who are you partnering with to multiply disciples?

Take courage my friend – this battle is not over.  More and more Christians and local churches are being marginalized, ignored and hated for what we STAND AGAINST vs. what we STAND FOR.  Be strong and courageous (I Cor 6:13)!


For the full report entitled:

American Worldview Inventory 2020



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