The Most Important of All Christian Coaching Competencies

Abiding in Christ is the most important of all the Christian coaching competencies. What we uncovered in our original research, documented in Christian Coaching Excellence, is that it’s the one competency that separates good Christian coaches from great Christian coaches. As we abide in Christ, we help our clients abide in Him, partnering with the Holy Spirit for greater significance in our coaching relationships, life, and ministry effectiveness.

I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that I have taken this competency seriously. Primarily because in my initial 360-degree Christian Coach Assessment in November 2009, abiding in Christ was my lowest score. More recently, I’ve had a growing desire to experientially understand what spiritual formation entails and how it connects to spiritual direction. This is where the two worlds intersect–Christian coaching and spiritual direction, with abiding in Christ as the common denominator.

As a result, I am participating in a three-year cohort in the doctoral program at Fuller Seminary. Additionally, I have enlisted the services of a wonderful spiritual director who has given me the gift of listening prayer, friendship, and support. Through that relationship–and a triad I meet with every other week–I am beginning to get a glimpse into the nuances of abiding in Christ that only comes through the crucible of life and ministry. It goes beyond head knowledge into the more subtle places in our souls.

Back to the point.

Abiding in Christ deals with the extent to which a coach seeks the Holy Spirit’s guidance at each stage of the coaching process and how much a coach depends on God in discerning the needs of those being coached.

As we approach the Lenten season (March 2 – April 16), let’s not miss the opportunity to instill a renewed desire to know God as we prepare for Jesus’ resurrection. It is so easy to let this season–and the opportunity to increasingly know God–slip our attention. It is all too easy to find ourselves celebrating the Resurrection without acknowledging what comes before: Lent, a reflective and repentant seasonal journey on the church calendar.

In coaching, as we abide in Christ, we will begin to sense a higher purpose in our coaching, a lighter weight to carry, and a deepening of the souls of those we coach. The benefit to our clients? They will, hopefully, begin to think more about God and less about themselves. One among many, many benefits.


How to develop your ability to Abide in Christ?

There is not a simple answer to this question. I mentioned how I am zeroing-in on this competency above myself, but that is just my approach. Your approach will be unique to you.  If this is an area that surfaces as a growth point for you, then I would suggest you consider the Coaching Excellence GrowthTrack.

I am extending the registration date through February 15. This cohort offers a unique combination of the 360° assessment, personalized one-on-one mentoring, and webinars aimed at raising your effectiveness as a coach. We will use the newly released book Christian Coaching Excellence to guide participants along their coaching development journey.

If you are looking for a way to increase your coaching effectiveness, this is a great opportunity! And, an added bonus is the 10 hours you can apply to your coach mentoring requirement with ICF!

Pursuing ICF Certification?

Our goal is to make this the best 10 CCEUs (Continuing Christian Education Units that qualify for International Coach Federation Coach Mentor credits) you can get! Learn more at

Registration for this cohort closes on February 15th. Do you want to explore this opportunity further? Read more HERE. Register HERE!

May God bless you as you listen to His direction for your life and ministry in 2022!

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