• Strategy #1: Work with a coach mentor
  • Strategy #2: Receive feedback
  • Strategy #3: Learn with and from other coaches

What do you need to do, to take your coaching to the next level?

Learning Communities provide a great opportunity for leaders to learn with and from other coaches-in-training.

Christian Pulisic is a 19-year-old American soccer player that has made a name for himself with the German “Bundesliga” club – Borussia Dortmund.  At a very early age, he realized the impact of being around other players and coaches who were more experienced, more accomplished and more motivated to succeed.  Dortmund is known as a club that develops players, a sort of farm system or learning community to help players progress and take their game to the next level!

When leaders participate in a “learning community” to develop their coaching skills, mutual learning occurs when three virtues are shared with participants:

  1. Humility – leaders who are open to knew ideas
  2. Hunger- leaders who are motivated to grow in their understanding and practice of coaching
  3. Emotional Intelligence – leaders with a high level of self-awareness.

How can you truly become a world-class coach?

In 2007 a member of my board, Linda Miller asked me about certification. For those who don’t know, Linda is a pioneer in the coaching industry. As a consulting partner, trainer, and team facilitator with the Ken Blanchard Organization she has coached leaders around the world. Linda helped establish the International Coach Federation to raise the caliber of coaching worldwide. When she asked me that question, it caused me to think. 

As a result, I started my journey to develop my coaching skills. I’m not suggesting that people in ministry need certification. However, I am encouraging you as a leader who empowers disciplemakers, leaders and church planters, to take your development seriously.  If you are satisfied with the results you are getting and seeing disciples, leaders and church planters reproduce into the third and fourth generation – by all means, keep doing what you are doing; if not, you might want to consider raising your coaching game!

When should you take the next step in your development as a coach?

InFocus is excited to present an opportunity to sharpen your coaching effectiveness. The launch of the first Developing Coaching Excellence Collective is September 2018. This Collective is designed to assist leaders who coach disciplemakers and church planting/multiplication leaders.  Last week I introduced my co-facilitator, Mukesh Azad, who is an Indian living in Delhi and leading a Business as Mission initiative.  He brings a refreshing view how his coaching business serves as a platform to enter communities while incarnating the gospel and being on-mission.  The more I witness the work of God around the world, the more I see God mobilizing people who are working in the marketplace use their gifts while making disciples and planting churches.  Read more about Mukesh and his expertise at the bottom of this page.  

I would consider it a privilege if you were able to join us.  Click here if you have questions or are interested in more information. 


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