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Sorting through the Noise!

There is no shortage of training & resources today. Domestically and internationally, opportunities abound with the connectivity that technology & travel provide; there is no reason why emerging leaders or seasoned veterans should not receive the help they need.

I’m constantly asking the question – how can I help others become more effective leaders so that we can develop more and better disciples, leaders & churches?  In that quest to refine and improve I’ve found certain resources that deliver the results that make a difference.

Following are some or the resources that are uniquely suited for a coaching relationship and consistent with the distinct approach I take.

How are coaching resources different?

Books, seminars, webinars, conferences and educational programs are content heavy. I like the idea of attending a conference or reading a book and then having the opportunity to de-brief the information with another person or group. That allows the information to be unpacked in a relevant and relational manner. By themselves these are all wonderful resources but they are different from “coaching” resources in significant ways.

  • Coaching resources are weighted heavily on the implementation of actions to be taken.
  • Coaching resources provide a framework, strategic information and questions for reflection.
  • Coaching resources are developed with a leader in mind who is being coached individually or in a team.
  • Coaching resources are developed by experts for leaders that need someone to facilitate the self-discovery process, not a consultant.
  • Coaching resources are reproducible so that other coaches can use them with some training.

Leadership Multiplication Pathway

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