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  1. Half of Americans are church members, down from 70% in 1999
  2. Most of the decline attributable to increase in percentage with no religion
  3. Membership has fallen nine points among those who are religious

Gallup - April 2019

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Signs of an Unhealthy Team and How to Turn It Around

Liverpool Football Club (soccer in the U.S). won the Football Association Cup (FA Cup) - their second trophy this season. In European football this is called winning the double.  They have a legitimate chance of winning three (treble) and a long shot at a quadruple....

Developing Healthy Team Members

I love following the Liverpool Football Club (American soccer) as they progress through the season. As I’m writing this, they are in the running to win four major competitions. One of the main reasons for this achievement is the coach, Jurgen Klopp. He surrounds...

Seeking Joy – Using a Coach Approach!

Years ago a leader I was coaching asked me to help him find ways to discover “joy” in his life. This really threw me. I wasn’t clear what he was asking, so I asked some questions to clarify what he really wanted. What do you do when you’re coaching someone and you...

How to Engage Nonbelievers Using Your Coaching Skills

Have you ever applied your coaching skills when engaging with people who are far from God? When you give attention to the most casual conversations, it’s amazing what can emerge when you approach others with curiosity and a desire to learn about them. A few years ago,...

Post Resurrection Reflection

He is risen.   He is risen indeed!   Imagine you were among those who saw the resurrected Christ. The awe and the wonder. The utter amazement that He had risen from the dead! You will come across people this week who are reflecting on the events of Holy Week,...