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  1. Half of Americans are church members, down from 70% in 1999
  2. Most of the decline attributable to increase in percentage with no religion
  3. Membership has fallen nine points among those who are religious

Gallup - April 2019

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What do birds have to do with making disciples?

What do birds have to do with making disciples that make disciples? Bear with me for a minute–I promise there’s a connection. You may have heard of the term “imprinting”. Famous zoologist Konrad Lorenz famously describes the process of imprinting occurring when an...

What You Win Them With Is What You Win Them To!

I heard this statement a while ago. I’m not certain, but I believe it is attributed to Neil Cole. “What you win them with is what you win them to.” What does this statement mean? In the previous 3 blogs I suggested there are two primary church planting models on the...

Micro Chruch Model – One City Fishtown

Discerning the Call “‘We’re going to Philly, aren’t we?’ I asked. ‘I think we are,’ Krissy said, with tears in her eyes as we flew over the skyline of Philadelphia. We knew at that moment God had placed a love in our hearts for the people of this city.” Let’s back up...

The Prevailing Church

    In the next two blogs, we’ll be discussing two types of church plant models: the prevailing church and the micro-church network. This week, our focus is on The Refinery Church with Casey and Aimee Graves. Preparing to launch in late September, Casey and...

The Prevailing Church and Micro Church

In the fall of 1986, at the age of 26, I entered seminary. I remember vividly a retreat that was held for incoming first-year students hosted at the epic Forest Home Christian Campground founded by Henrietta Mears*. I had a conversation with a fellow student who...