Previously, I alluded to our Leadership Collective 2000 and presented 4 Basic Building Blocks of Disciplemaking – CLICK HERE. Since then I have been working with Glenn Spyksma to brainstorm reflection questions under each of the Disciple-Making Building Blocks (DMbb).  

Disciplemaking is a spiritual process with very real actionable steps.  I use the term, Disciple Coach for the disciplemaker because it is more descriptive of the role of the disciple who makes disciples in our world today.  Here are three assumptions that we make when we speak about disciplemaking.

3 Problems that DMbb #2 Solves

  1. Knowledge without relationships will not make disciples.
  2. When you gravitate towards the local church for most of your relationships you will probably not make disciples.
  3. If you disproportionately form relationships with disciples of Jesus who are outside the local church, you risk isolation from Christian community.

Following are the reflection questions that you can use as a Disciple Coach to form relationships with pre-Christian and Christians.

Reflection Questions

DMbb #2 Form relationships with non-Christians and Christians

  • Relationships with non-Christians
    • Who are you forming redemptive relationships with to make disciples as a disciple coach? 
    • Using the following progression working from left to right, how would you classify your disciplemaking efforts:  Relationship — Friendship — Discipleship. 
    • What skills do you need to apply to move your relationship forward on the progression: listening, asking questions, prayer, other __________.
  • Relationships with Christians
    • What Christians are you forming intentional relationships with to support your disciplemaking efforts as a disciple coach?
    • What is missing to help you stay on-mission with  your disciplemaking efforts as a disciple coach?
    • What step can you take to strengthen that relationship?  

The best way to use the 4 DMbb

  1. Meet with a disciple coach or a group of disciple coaches.
  2. Use the 4 DMbb as an assessment – help the disciple coach identify which one they need to focus on today
  3. Depending on which of the four the disciple coach identifies, help them further reflect on the specific aspect they need to focus – see expanded list CLICK HERE

That will set the stage for a spiritual discernment process to determine the disciple coach’s next steps.  Use the reflection questions above, in addition to the questions we present under the remaining DMbb presented in future blogs to facilitate the conversation.  Help the disciple coach is to stay in motion by taking the next step in their journey to make disciples that make disciples.


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