You have an amazing calling. God has put you in a position to expand His kingdom through starting new churches; so here you are, in the thick of it, a modern-day apostle, trying to figure things out. It could be that you are doing it locally. You rep¬resent the speedboat of church multiplication. You have the least resistance and, possibly, the most resources to make it happen. We need more people like you. Maybe your calling is as a regional leader of a denomination or network. You have amazing potential in the “middle judicatory,” and you also walk in a minefield. You might be looking at the multiplication of new churches from a national platform. You’re twice removed from the ministry of actually planting a church, but you’re doubly positioned to impact the culture of what might be the aircraft carrier of this battle. In this book you will learn how to avoid the headaches of church planting and make the most of your opportunities.
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