Generational Style Assessment



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The Generational Style Assessment is a helps determine an individual’s influencing style when relating to people from different age groups or generations in the workplace and help them to adjust or “flex” their own approach. A brief synopsis of the four age groups used in this assessment is included in the final report. This also shows the four generational relating or influencing styles likely to be most effective in relation to each age group that can be employed by an individual.

The four styles (Steering, Empowering, Building, and Supporting) arise from intersecting two dimensions; the level of clarity and focus required by an individual or group, and the level of energy or engagement that is needed. It aims to:

  • Raise people’s awareness about the very different behaviors and characteristics of the four age groups that we identify (20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s+).
  • Alert individuals to their own relating style biases, and show them four discrete influencing behaviors.
  • Help people to take age differences more seriously in seeking to get the best out of everyone and contribute to getting all groups to work together more harmoniously.

The report from this online instrument contains extensive background information, assessment interpretation notes and development suggestions.

Authors: Anne Sandberg and Jon Warner
Publisher: Team Publications
Publication Date: ©2007 All Rights Reserved


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