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The word “conflict” raises all sorts of emotions and feelings. For some, conflict provides excitement and stimulation, while for others conflict causes discomfort and anxiety. Whatever the reaction, understanding and managing conflict successfully is a key personal and organizational competence.

The Conflict Style Instrument (CSI) helps participants understand not only their own style when in a conflict situation, but also the styles used by others to try and get their own way. The CSI provides clarification about the situational factors that are at the heart of most conflicts and disputes, then gives the participant a self-awareness “mirror” to see their own behavior.

Using the ISSUE model, the CSI provides a graphic means of focusing on an individual’s style profile. The report of results includes full interpretive materials including the implications of style usage, and detailed guidelines on how to both increase and decrease the use of a particular style. The CSI provides a quick and interesting introduction to the topic of conflict and its effective management. It can be easily integrated into existing training programs on personal skills development, as well as being a great addition to team building initiatives.

Author: Jon Warner
Publisher: Team Publications
Publication Date:  ©2007 All Rights Reserved


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