December is a very important month to help leaders reflect on the past and set goals for the upcoming year.  A friend and colleague of mine, Brian Howard, gave me a list of questions that he uses to help leaders he coaches reflect on the past.  Here are a few samples from that list:

  • What was your biggest triumph in 2016?
  • What was the smartest decision you made in 2016?
  • What one word best sums up and describes your 2016 experience?

It would be easy to move into a goal-setting exercise for the year to come.  However, asking leaders to pause, reflect and celebrate is a life-giving exercise – giving gratitude and thanks to the Lord.  This establishes a healthy foundation to craft goals for the upcoming year.

What questions do you use to help leaders reflect on their year, progress made and challenges encountered?  Take a moment to identify some of the questions you could use this month.  Next week I will share some of the questions I use to help leaders project into the new year to formulate goals they want to pursue.


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