This third question is important!  In a very pragmatic way, this question will determine your true intent.  Let’s review those questions again:

  1. What is your “why”?
  2. How will you create a culture of diversity?
  3. What is your leadership development strategy?

Let me explain the statement I made above – this question will determine your true intent.

If you are serious about having leaders who are from diverse ethnic backgrounds:

  1. you will make disciples who navigate the challenges associated with crossing ethnic boundaries in your community
  2. you will attract emerging leaders of diverse ethnic backgrounds
  3. you will plant multi-ethnic churches

Each of these deserves an entire blog series.  However, if you are curious and interested in taking the next step to either plant or develop multi-ethnic ministry in an established church, I would like to invite you to an upcoming event.  Let me reiterate – my intent is to challenge church leaders to consider a the strategic missiological teaching on the phrase – make disciples of all the nations (panta ta ethne).  I am expanding on this strategy and contextualizing it to the church in the West.

FB LIVE Event: Leadership Makeover for Multi-Ethnic Church Leaders – Tuesday January 19 @ 9am PST/Noon EST

FB LIVE Multi-Cultural Ministry

I am collaborating with Russ Siders to discuss some of his learnings from 20+ years of multi-ethnic ministry in a FaceBook LIVE event on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 @ 9am PST/noon EST. We will build on some of the information shared here.  Hope you can join us!

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