One of the more fruitful experiences of my development as a coach was was to work with a coach mentor.  In fact, this last year I worked with two different coach mentors. “How was this helpful?” you ask.

  • Reason #1: fresh insights
  • Reason #2: new perspectives

They caused me to rethink my process. Plain and simple.

If you desire to grow and expand in your coaching – find a coach mentor. Someone who is a step ahead. Or has a different approach. Or new perspective. But most of all, find someone that can challenge you in areas that will help you empower leaders from the grass-root church planter to the leader of a multiplication movement.

InFocus is excited to give you an opportunity to sharpen your coaching effectiveness as you coach church planters and mentor other coaches in your network to do the same. 

Are you interested in learning more about the Church Planting COACH Collective? I would appreciate your feedback on a good time to hold the informational webinar based on the three time slots available, please click here so that we can schedule the best time to meet as a group, or individually. I look forward to connecting with you!

Learn about the two coach mentor options:

Option #1 – Missional Coach Development

  • Customized coach mentoring to develop your coaching effectiveness as you coach church planters and mentor leaders in your network, using a coach approach.

Option #2 – ICF Coach Competencies, Mentor Requirement

  • Customized coach mentoring for coaching church planters is available which can be utilized for your ICF, Coach Mentor Requirement for your ACC, PCC or MCC.

Here are a couple of related resources to cultivate a church planting movement:





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