A life-giving gift you can give those you coach is what I like to call “pruning”.  I have found that the four categories below serve as a helpful guide to follow using Covey’s, “First Things First” matrix.  Take a moment right now to review how you are using your time this week.

  1. Pull-out your calendar.
  2. Prioritize your scheduled activities in one of four categories:
    • Quadrant I – Important & Urgent.
    • Quadrant II – Important & Not Urgent.
    • Quadrant III – Not Important & Urgent.
    • Quadrant IV – Not Important & Not Urgent.
  3. How can you spend more of your time in Quadrant II in 2017?

Coveys’ point is that most of us spend too much time in Quadrants III & IV; to the neglect of Quadrant II.  Imagine how this exercise might benefit the people you coach.  Fast forward to December, if a leader doubled her or his time in Important & Not Urgent activities, what impact would it have on their:

  • Personal development
  • Disciplemaking
  • Leader Development

Happy pruning!





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