Leaders, pastors and church planters are facing challenges like never before.  Some are being hit from both sides of THE DEBATE.  The debate might vary from one moment to the next; but today, at unprecedented levels, leaders are having their values tested in ways like never before.  A common theme that I’ve heard in conversations with several leaders, is the issue of in-person vs. remote gatherings.  Most of you reading this blog have been at the center of that debate.  This is just one of several hot topics today.  There are others that I could mention that are just as volatile or moreso, but that is not the point I am trying to make.

The point is, leaders are dealing with issues that were not even on their radar 6-9 months ago.  I do not want to suggest to know the right answer.  What I do know is that leaders are seeking authentic, responsible and collaborative support to clarify, strengthen and hold to their values.  One leader I spoke to recently shared (and I summarize):

The upheaval in our world, and that I am facing right now, has undercut the rhythms of life and ministry…

…for him AND I might add, for so many others in ministry just like him.

It is encouraging to see places where leaders are seeking innovative solutions to address challenging circumstances impacting disciplemaking.  Clusters of pastors and church planters gathering to encourage, support and brainstorm solutions.  And new ways of doing discipleship are emerging from these encounters.

A few weeks ago I was speaking with my colleague, Micah Dodson of Thrive Church Planting.  And we discussed the question, what can we do?  That is how we came up with the Leadership Collective – MISSIONAL DISCIPLESHIP TIMELINE.

It is our response to help a select group of leaders, pastors and church planters support and encourage one another to clarify their values.  Plain and simple.  We are using the SYMBOL TIMELINE as the tool to help leaders process these together and individually beginning October 2 from 10-10:55am PST.

Here is the plan moving forward.  We will meet for 4 sessions over ZOOM on Fridays from 10-10:55am PST.  Below is the flow of the 4 sessions:

  • October 23: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?

Suggested Reading: We are purposefully NOT requiring any resource costs for this exercise.  However, if you would like to learn more about the timeline – especially Transitions & Boundaries, let us suggest a wonderful companion book entitled: STUCK! Navigating the Transition of Life and Leadership”, by Terry Walling.

We will be accepting participants until October 1 @ 5pm PST.  Please CLICK HERE to let us know you are interested in participating by entering your:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Paste MISSIONAL DISCIPLESHIP TIMELINE (in the Message box).

We are excited to get started.  We hope you can join us.  And bring a friend.

Gary Reinecke & Micah Dodson


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