I’m reminded how dangerous or naive it is to make broad generalizations about the way Jesus made disciples.  How can we really know?

Early in my seminary education I had a professor who lived-out the values of a disciple maker.  He was an imposing figure (6’5″-ish) but Dr. William “Bill” Iverson (this is linked to my classmate’s blog – Dave Diaso) was a relational ninja who was always on the ready to engage students in the ministry of disciple making.  What he lacked in methodology he made up for relationally; that is, he did not work a linear process but started where people were on their journey to discover and follow Jesus.  During my first quarter in seminary “Bill” introduced me to Robert Coleman’s book, “The Master Plan of Evangelism”.  In this small but profound book Coleman articulated Jesus’s strategy for making disciples.  I saw the method to “Bill’s” madness from the pages of this book.  It was a framework for disciple making.  I remember taking all of the small group leader’s and apprentice leader in the church plant I was helping launch through this book together.  It embedded the DNA of make disciples into our small groups at New Song Church.

I’m using Coleman’s framework to “reverse engineer” (meaning to compare and contrast to find the correlation) the 5 habits of a Disciple Coach.  As you study the 5 habits see how they fit into the way Jesus made disciples according to Coleman.

Here are a underlying principles that consistently determined what Jesus’ action would be in any given situation as he made disciples:

  1. Selection – men were His method
  2. Association – He stayed with them
  3. Consecration – He required obedience
  4. Impartation – He gave Himself away
  5. Demonstration – He showed them how to live
  6. Delegation – He assigned them work
  7. Supervision – He kept check on them
  8. Reproduction – He expected them to reproduce

Robert Coleman’s – “The Master Plan of Evangelism”

Here are the 5 Disciple Coach Habits and how they correlate with Coleman’s 8 disciple making principles:

  1. Missional Values – CLICK HERE
    • Consecration – He required obedience
    • Delegation – He assigned them work
  2. Active Prayer – CLICK HERE
    • Selection – men were His method
  3. Relational Connection – CLICK HERE
    • Association – He stayed with them
    • Impartation – He gave Himself away
  4. Disciple making Cycle – CLICK HERE
    • Reproduction – He expected them to reproduce
  5. Strategic Partnerships – CLICK HERE
    • Demonstration – He showed them how to live
    • Supervision – He kept check on them

The Disciple Coach Quiz is designed to help you establish a baseline of where you are today.  Secondly, for those you are discipling.

Each Disciple Coach Habit has a corresponding Coaching Guide.  The guides are broken down into the following categories:

    • Key Outcomes – Best practices for you to identify with as a disciple coach.
    • Example – Read about ways to put the habit into practice.
    • Reflection Questions – Discover new insights.
    • Action Application – Apply the habit in your ministry as a disciple coach.
    • Resource – Dig deeper to understand the habit.
    • Challenge – Take the next step on your journey to reinforce the habit.

The Disciple Coach Quiz provides a baseline (strengths and weaknesses) and the coaching guide is designed for you to identify real actions you can take in the areas of desired growth.  It also serves as a tool for you to ask those your are discipling to assess themselves and for you to coach them in their development.

We are in the final stretch of beta-testing the Disciple Coach Quiz and it will be ready any day now.

Thank you to those who are providing feedback as we get ready to launch.

Recommended book on the principles of disciple making


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