It’s rare that I get excited about a summit, but the one that’s starting today truly stands out to me… Because it’s unlike any other online event I’ve been to that is devoted to the topic of coaching.

As a leader, the quality of your leadership is your most valuable asset. That’s why I believe that constantly educating yourself is crucial for long-term fruitfulness.  Since coaching is a tool that can help you empower your team, in disciplemaking, in developing church planters, in supporting pastors, etc. – I want you to be aware of this helpful online, FREE resource that is available to you.

And just in case you missed my last email, the WBECS Pre-Summit officially opens its doors today… And they’re kicking off the event with a selection of speakers that I know you will love.

Check out the Pre-Summit speaker line up and grab yourself a seat here.

Following is the session I recommend for Week #3 June 10th-14th, especially if you are working with a leader who is stuck & need tools to help her/him move forward!

Key Learning Takeaways

  1. The surprising root cause of the inner critic.
  2. The common mistakes coaches make in working with clients around the inner critic.
  3. Four highly effective tools that you can use for yourself, and teach your clients to use when self-doubt arises, so that it no longer holds them back.

Let’s learn from some of the best thought leaders in the world together.

Gary Reinecke
Leadership Effectiveness Profile


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