How we develop leaders & make disciples is changing!

You may or may not agree with this statement.  However, the context, cultural moment and accessibility to people has changed.  And no one really understands the new normal moving forward.  My sense is that it will be different than we have been accustomed to in the past.  And I don’t mean that we will all be using Zoom or some other platform more than we have previously.  The racial unrest, pandemic and ensuing Stay at Home orders with the social distancing and self-imposed isolation restrictions are exposing cracks in the way we develop leaders and make disciples.  Moving from a centralized to a de-centralized model of ministry has forced church leaders to think of creative strategies to be on-mission.  I am suggesting that the focused attention we give to developing leaders and making disciples will be a higher priority, more robust process and increasingly nuanced than ever.

This is “Why” I am more and more convinced that we need/must always be refining how we develop people as they progress on their discipleship and leadership journey.

Which is why I am suggesting that you give your attention to these issues today, and every day, as you plant, grow and multiply!  One of the ways you can do that is through the Leadership Collective.  I asked Brian Wilson, one of our current participants to share his experience in a short (1 minute) video – WATCH HERE to learn from his experience.

One of the exercises we challenge participants to is to articulate their disciplemaking process in a simple “napkin exercise”.  This comes at the end of the first of four phases to the leadership development process.  The goal is to simplify the disciple’s journey in a transferable manner.  In fact, here is a sample that Russ Sidders, Lead Pastor of Sunrise Community Church  created – WATCH HERE.

Consider your personal growth and development plans for 2021.  How are you taking your effectiveness to multiply leaders who will start and reproduce churches, to reach people far from God, to the next level?  I hope and pray to see you in La Jolla, CA on February 28, 2021 – CLICK HERE for more information.


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