A few months ago I was visiting Stanford University.  During my stay I enjoyed a lecture by Dr. Tina Seelig on Creativity.  As I listened, I reflected on how the process she described related so well to coaching.

In fact, the more I listened, the more I could see the natural connections.  She described her Innovation Engine.  It is made up of two components: the Interior (those things we control) & the Exterior (those thing the environment dictates).  Three areas make up each component that are intimately connected as seen in the mobius strip.


  • Attitude
  • Knowledge
  • Imagination


  • Culture
  • Resources
  • Habitat

When you coach a person you are tapping into their ability to think differently than they normally think.  That is why you are coaching them in the first place.  If they could do it alone then they would not need you.

Not too long ago I was meeting with a leader who was stuck.  She wanted to reflect on the next season of life and work, but was unable to get there on her own.  Through asking questions and helping her reflect on where she sensed God calling her to do, she made a significant adjustment in her vision.  She ended-up downsizing her ministry which eventually led to a new assignment altogether.  What might seem like a straight forward process is oftentimes confusing when you are the one in transition.

Here is a TED Talk entitled Crash Course on Creativity by Tina Selig to give you a framework for creativity so that you can coach more intentionally in this area.


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